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RF & Microwave Industrial Training

Richard Wallace

Introduction to RF and Microwave Passive Components Book


This authoritative new resource provides an overview and introduction to working with RF, microwave, and high frequency components. From transmission lines, antennas, millimeter waves, ferrites, hybrids, power dividers and filters, this book focuses on practical, time-to-market issues to help with projects in the field. Keeping mathematics to a minimum, this comprehensive volume is packed with over 700 illustrations that help clarify key concepts. The reader will gain an in-depth understanding of the special characteristics exploited in microwave and high frequency design. The book is also used in industrial training courses.


The "Introduction to RF and Microwave Passive Components" book (ISBN: 978-1-63081-008-5) can be ordered from Artech House.


The book cover can be changed with a specific logo for company sponsored gifts or events. An ideal gift and door opener. Minimum quantity of 100 books with a company printed logo on the cover.





Industrial Training Courses



Course attendees are very quickly able to work much more effectively using their new knowledge. Each attendee will receive their own book.


The full course is normally for 3 days but the contents of the course can be adapted to suit certain technical topics or to fit a certain time schedule.


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Date: 27-29th October 2015

Location: Kista, Stockholm, Sweden


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Connect via LinkedIn or just send an email to richard@wallace.se for more information on the book or courses.